Family law includes a range of marital and domestic relations issues, many of which can be resolved through negotiation and settlement, while others require aggressive courtroom litigation. Each case is different, but our expertise and legal knowledge are constants.

Achieving Your Goals, Protecting Your Family

Unfortunately, marriages can and do break down. When reconciliation is futile, however, we step in to protect and enforce clients’ rights and address the needs of their families.

On any given day, we counsel clients on:

  • Divorce planning
  • Alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation and collaborative
  • Business valuations and what to expect
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Parenting time including shared arrangements

As certified family law mediators, our attorneys employ negotiation and dispute resolution processes to seek an amicable resolution of their divorce but if acrimony replaces accord and the parties cannot reach an agreement, we are experienced in the courtroom, and well prepared for litigation in order to obtain the best possible outcome for our client.

Safeguarding Your Assets

The assets obtained during a marriage are critically examined in a divorce action. A divorce can impact:

  • Business, corporate, and partnership interests
  • Stock options
  • Health insurance
  • Employee benefits
  • Retirement interests
  • Deferred compensation and executive perks

Occasionally, there are hidden, premarital, gifted, or inherited assets to be considered. Any depletion of assets is investigated. We review whether it is appropriate to impute income to a spouse, or whether a spouse receives significant financial benefits that do not appear on a tax return. We have extensive experience in locating, valuing, and protecting clients’ interests, and when necessary we collaborate with and seek advice from CPAs, valuation experts, forensic accountants, financial advisors, and wealth managers. Our McShane & Bowie colleagues are also available to assist with any tax, estate planning, real estate, and corporate issues that may arise.

Contemplating Marriage

We counsel men and women in traditional and non-traditional marriages even before they exchange vows. Even the most loving and trusting individuals want to protect their property, and we prepare prenuptial agreements that clearly identify assets and ownership interests.

Premarital agreements can be particularly important when one or both spouses:

  • Currently have sizeable assets
  • Anticipate inheriting significant assets
  • Own a business or professional practice
  • Want to protect specific assets for children from a prior marriage

Respected & Honored Family Law Attorneys

Our family law attorneys are among the most admired and recognized lawyers in Michigan, with a long list of honors, awards, and accolades. We are recognized leaders in our field who frequently write and speak on divorce-related topics and trends. Lawyers and judges not only trust our skills and talents enough to refer their clients and friends to us, they also call on us to serve as mediators to facilitate results in the family law matters in which they are involved.

Attorneys Specializing in Divorce & Family Law


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